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How to go to heaven when you die

  I'm being stalked by a rape gang for reasons of fun, profit, & revenge. Please help me by clicking on the above buttons and reading about my life as someone stalked by a gang of recreational serial-killing child-pornographers. You know... "guys who'd do "anything" for a buck.

  The most important thing to realize is the words Martin "Duh Jerk" Oak used when he tried to recruit me into the gang back in fall of 1976. If you are a Mid-Michigan... cop reread this paragraph over and over to understand what I've had to deal with: "The first thing that you should know about us is that we're primarily actors". Mid-Michigan... cops reread the last sentence again. And again. And again. Do you get it? Do you? "Primarily actors"?

  I'd like to use the words: "The 1st thing you should know about the Child-Molester Leaders is we're primarily invincible before the Mid-Michigan Police".

  Read about the many rapes, tortures, and killings I've been involved in or a lifetime. Click on the boxes above and read about sex, drugs, violence, murder, and running escapes.

  As for me? I'm getting sick of writing about them. Feel free to contact me at sjolnr@mail.com


  Feel free to do your own research reader... Saginaw Michigan is amoung the rapingest places in America... EVER!

"The first thing you should know about us is we're primarily actors".

  "The pain will never end until you kill an innocent of my choosing" - Martin "Duh Jerk" Oak and Mathew "Fagboy" Dyjack" AKA "Frank" who repeated the words taught him by his lover.

  "This is the guy who's going to kill you".-Feb 2017 Rochester MN

  "Mind if I stab you in the ass with this screwdriver"?


  Later... "It doesn't matter because we have films of him carrying screwdrivers in his pocket".

  "Yeah. I carry a lot of tools because I work with my hands". Ahh, the stuff you say while on drugs right after you just got stabbed in the nether regions by a madman. America... gotta love it!

  "We're a gang of identical twins. It's how our bosses fool the cops. All of the bosses have one. I've seen them".-4th Grade girl Circa 1974 at Bay City MI's Whittier School

  "So you know about him huh? Yeah, I've got a twin brother. He's a nice guy when you meet him. You've met him. He's alright. Oh, don't get me wrong. he's killed children. At least 3 of them. The Bosses made him do it when they realized how many kid's I've killed so they decided to get blackmail films on him to keep him from getting so self-righteous. With everything we've told him about you he hates your guts".

  "As a punishment for not being able to kill you the Bosses have made the kids of The Gym to enter into a tontine". "As a punishment they will have to stalk you for the rest of your life". "You will be taken care of, poorly". "We'll steal everything you've ever loved". Would they? Would they do such petty revenge to a child? Yeah, they would.




Donate your time.

Keep your money.

                           PLEASE HELP ME!

             I am being stalked by a gang for reasons of profit and revenge and no one will help me.


  "We are a gang of identical twins. All of the bosses                   "We can rape anyone we want"!

have one. I know, I've seen them". A little girl, a

boasting card-carrying kidnapping child-raping                            "Keep hitting him! I want to de-humanize him"!

child-molester who later bragged to me she was a

"blooded" murderer when we were about 9 years                       "We can do anything we want to you. As long as we

old. Circa 1979                                                                       never stop following you the cops will never give you


 "We own the cops"!


  All 60+ of them kept chanting over and over. "Kill David George"! The Gym Teacher & Duh Jerk just smiled on.

  The onduty uniformed Bay City... cop said. "That doesn't prove a thing". To the delight of everyone there. Not me.


Helping everyone with courage, fairness, and an open mind.

                     (Except for me... David A. George)

"We own the cops".

"We own the cops".

                         "chīld-mə léstərs"

            Let the... cop who misspronounces this word be called a poo-poo head by his peers.

It's a story about kidnapping, rape, torture, and open murder...

  This is not a manifesto, it's a written plea for help. I'm a rape victim, I killed some people, for the gang, a lot of'em, & I wrote it down here, online.

  The murders begin on the page labled "Where it all started to go bad" and continues on the pages "Support your local police" & "Onefers" & so on. I've been stalked a long time and the trail of bodies is quite long. Just go to the "Read about the murders" below this sentence or "READ MORE" above.






  The police haven't got a clue about virtually any of the crimes I've been involved in that I've outlined on this website. Feel free to look up the words "clueless", "unknowing", & "oblivious". For about a year now I've been publicly publishing the many murders I've been involved in and not one single cop nor agent (as of 01-15-16) has interviewed, interrogated, or chatted about anything listed here. Welcome to America reader. Welcome to my America...

  This website is about an ongoing & very true story about how organized crime, working in conjunction with their partners in the Bay City, Flint, and Saginaw Michigan... cops along with their Boulder Colorado counterparts have conspired to, stalk me, kidnap me, drug me, torture me, gang-rape me, forced me to do child-porn (at gunpoint and under threat of more torture), forced me to kill innocent people for their "snuff films", and even tried to kill me in a case that will have up to hundreds of coconspirators and likely a thousand witnesses or more! This site is all about stopping my rapist stalkers so I don’t have to kill innocents for their amusement anymore.

  As of today, 02-09-14 I plan to publish a slaying I've been involved in about every week for the next year or so. Law-enforcement was and is oblivious to this. As of today, though my website has been up & running for over a year by now, not a single law enforcement agency has contacted me other than to tell me that they had no intention of reading what I've got to say. Two, yes 2 cops called and acknowledged that my website existed, but that's all they did.

  This website is not a manifesto; this is a written plea for help wich I've published on-line. Please help me. Please? All rights reserved.

How is this possible?

  In America, one may try to kill someone, anyone as long as you do so publicly and with as many witnesses as possible. The... cops I talked to told me that you can’t get away with murder if there are a thousand witnesses. I'm here to tell you... yes you can, in Bay City Michigan or Boulder Colorado.

  You can try to kill a child openly, using 100+ coconspiritors publicly & in front of over 1,000 witnesses, as long as you've got the cops investigating the crime in your pocket. Evil, is organized, and it wears a suit. Often, evil wears a badge. Please reader, read on...


  The police haven't got a clue...

  I went to the police for about half of the things listed here, more or less. Less, but who's counting? They haven't a clue about anything I've listed here, how could they? They only interrogated (not questioned, "interrogated") me in 15-20 minute snipets & usually refused me the courtesy of a police report. I've been telling my tale, online & through mail & e-mail to the F.B.I & police & they haven't even tried to contact me once. Typical of the lazy, idiot, & skeptic... cops I'm claiming to have dealt with.

  If any police agency claim to have questioned me in the last 2 years then they have been duped, are corrupt, are idiots, or they are corrupt idiots. I'm claiming to be involved in a rather high body count... & they haven't even tried to contact me? Welcome to my America reader... Land of the free... Home of the brave... Won't someone have the courage to help me? It's for the children they're victimizing even now. Please?


 Blackmail... its how they earn their money...

  "We make our victims pay 50% of their money after rent or house payment. We tried to make them pay more but they tend to get a little cop-happy, so it's just 50%". Once a person joins the Child-Molestors they pay... for life!

  "We make them do things like star in child-porn & then we make them pay us 50% for the rest of their lives". That and worse I assure the reader. Much worse...

​  Torturing little kids...

  This is what a little kid looks like when they're tortured. It's much like how I looked during my first torture sessions that I endured at the hands of my relentless and sadistic stalkers when I was a small child.

  It hurt! It hurt very badly! And now my body, my mind, and I fear even my very soul are scarred for life by a group of madmen who tell me that they plan to say that all of that torture I endured from them is only proof that we were friends... and they've got the films to prove it!

  Laugh if you will, if they get their way your kids are probably next!



  They're out of context, if you'd like to know more, read on.


  "Now you have to kill an innocent of my choosing".

  "If you went to war with America how would you do it"?

  This one was said to me with a smile. "You know, you're not as innocent as you act. You're a serial killer".

  "Today I Duh Weasel (he used his first & last name) will kill David George"! In front of 60+ people.

  "Now you have to make a gay porno or die"!



 I am appealing to the Governor of the great state of Wisconsin...​

  Dear Sir.

  I am appealing to you to not just hand me over to the whims of the corrupt Bay City police nor their bastard offspring the Bunglers of Boulder Colorado without an independent investigation. Sir, I am not asking for a free ride or a blank check, I am only asking for a fair deal. Please investigate my claims with more than one or 2 overworked & underpaid investigators who begin their investigation by shaking their heads. Don’t just rubber-stamp their victory for my torturers, make them earn it! Please, if what I'm saying is true, that there are thousands of witnesses & hundreds of coconspirators then it'll be easy to stop them, all anyone has to do is try! Don’t just hand me over, don't let them win by default; don't let them win because you listened to their corrupt cops & dirty doctors. I implore you to ask, investigate, look, dig, question, listen, & then re-question, please? Anything? Please? It's not for just me, it's for the other children that they brag they are victimizing at this very moment. Please? All I'm asking for is a fair & independent investigation. Thank-you Sir.


  IT'S WHY THE COPS DON'T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST US... or so said Snitchgirl...

  In spring of 1977 in the latter stages of... "The Gym" I met with Snitchgirl in a darkened school hallway of Bay City's taxpayer funded Jr. rapist training center... Uh... oops... I mean A Bay City Public School during lunch & predicted the Child-Molestor's ultimate demise.

  Not so she assured me. "We do everything we can to make our victim's stories as unbelievable as possible so that the cops wont bust us". Service in the gang is mandatory & for a month solid every few years or so, give or take. "Once we begin attacking a victim we never give up". That & the fact that their victim is even daring to complain about their attacks are proof unto themselves that the victim is to be ignored by authorities.

  I told her it might work consistently but told her a little sentence I've since learned. "You can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

  "Juries think that if a person is in organized crime that they're rich but they [the Child-Molestor bosses] keep us poor. It's how we beat the cops". She went on to explain that their member/victims & mostly victim/members are not paid in cash [not much or for long, think... cheap cheap cheap!] but with drugs & only when they're working directly for the bosses. "There are 20 people & 5 kids on active duty at all times". Drug dealing, child-prostitution, couriers, guards (even their wimps en-mass, the bosses don't care who gets hurt), & little better that slave prostitutes. "All you do is evil all day"! She added contemptuously. "We drive around &..." And do all sorts of evil, child-molester kind of deeds. They stalk the groups various victims, attacks, provocations, & just plain old mean gossip all aimed at reducing their victims support group to nil. "Some people can't handle being evil all day & they have a nervous breakdown. We drop them off at the looney bin & it discredits them if they should ever turn against us". After a month's duties with little or no pay their victim/members are often exhausted, they're behind on their rent & have ignored family & social obligations. Drained, tired, often broke & sometimes nursing a drug addiction problem the month ends leaving victim/members with nowhere to turn to for cash but the gang.

  "We give them (the gang's many victim/members) a number that they can call if they need money & we make them do things based on how long we let the bill run up. It's usually helping us attack one of our victims".





  I've given my stalkers, their gang, and their apologetic but all-to-willing-to-help victim/members cruel nicknames for several reasons. The foremost being The U.S. Military Manual for Survival in a P.O.W. camp clearly advises prisoners to give each of their captors a cruel nickname. Look it up.

  1) Because I've had too many people tell me that insulting my stalkers was a condition for their belief in what I have to say.

  2) Because of all of the slings & arrows (& spears) of insults I've had to endure from their group who are literally "professional gossips" (hey, there had to be one somewhere in the world, didn't there?) who have slandered me so much that it aproaches levels where I feel free to use the word "infamy".

  3) Words hurt & during (& after) their many tortures they've called me a plethora of random insults. I take no pleasure in returning the favor but wish to leave them & anyone reading this no doubt as to what my opion of said persons is. Some people get a cruel niikname, some get a symbolic nickname, the rest are called by nicknames given to them by themselves or others, nothing more & are in no way meant to be insulting or degrading in any way. In short: They call me random insults & I shall call them by pre-meditated insult that I feel are both apropriate & descriptive of what I've come to know as... "what they are really like".

  4) I had another site on another server before (I wont use any names, such as... Yola) & they said I violated the terms of sevice or other such nonsence. This time, by using only nicknames let my accusers say something, I can only reply... "How do you know I'm talking about you if you are innocent? Hmmm"?

  The real names (or aka's) of the... "individuals" involved in this tangled web of human misery I've been forced to write about are available upon request.

  5) Should've be #1: I read the Official Military Handbook on escaping from and living in a P.O.W. Camp and it's advice is to give your guards mean nicknames. Quote: "The crueller the better leaving them with doubt as to how you really feel about them". So I give'em all... nicknames, nicknames, & more nicknames. Some good, some bad, and some silly a I whim.


  This website is under construction. That means some of this website hasn't spellchecked... on purpose, yet. Any moron can use a spell-checker but I chose not to in some spots for symbolic reasons. Let it be symbolic of the shoddy & subpar police-work that I've encountered. Let it be symbolic of Bay City & it's public schools. Let it be symbolic of the people who I've asked for help... and gave me none. Let it be symbolic of the lives of the unborn children who are next if you fail to stop the Child-Molestors.

  I plan to spell check it one day... pobably... God willing... but it takes all of my strength to write this... I just don't have the strength to spell check it too. That & I type at about 10 words per minute corrected. I ain't squandering my time making it all neat & tidy... yet.


  What this website is about...

  This website is designed to expose the truth. I've endured insane rapes, maddening torture sessions, and killed innocents if only for a moment's rest from the pain. I'm in hiding & the... cops haven't got a clue that anything listed here took place. It's the truth I'm after. Not glory, or cash or love. The truth...

  This website is designed to expose my stalkers for the child-molesting child-killing kidnapping torturing rapists they really are.

  This website is designed for the sole purpose of saving my life. I'm tired of the kidnapping rapes & perversions I've had to endure.

  This website is designed to save what's left of my health before my stalkers strike again. I've got some serious injuries, few of wich show & I'm in pain & they brag it'll only get worse & the next torture session won't be so "nice". Simply put my goal is to escape with as much anal integrity as possible (medically speaking).

  This website is designed to tell the story of those who can't tell their stories at the hands of the Child-Molestors. Be it because they live in fear, are dead, have been murdered, are in prison (framed), or are unable to do so because of the medical horrors inflicted upon them by the gang's dirty doctors & dirty cops.

  This website is designed to save my soul. I'm starting to get bitter. Bitter with man, bitter with cops, & it's even poisoning my walk with God. How can someone get kidnapped raped & tortured so much in America? Enslaved after lengthy torture & forced to endure every vile base perversion that the masters of the craft can imagine.

  This website is designed to help make the pain stop. The pain from my last tortures grows daily & I don't know what to do about it. I fear that the pain done to my body is the least of my woes. The pain I feel in my spirit is all but crippling by itself. The rest is just icing on the Child-Molestor cake of accomplishments.

  Won't someone help me? Make the pain stop? Call a cop? Anything? Is there nothing a victim can say or do to save themselves from the Child-Molestors?



Exodus 20:12

King James Version (KJV)


12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


  I came up with the idea to write a website about the many lives Duh Jerk, his gang of Child-Molestors, & I have touched. It may be the dumbest idea I ever came up with, but, frankly, it's got a lot of other stupid ideas that I've done to compete with.

  Sooo... recently... I managed to get 2 (YES! TWO!) fine police officers to actually give me the time of day concerning this website after a year of writing it, and a year of sending e-mails all over America and the world begging for help. Yup, two of'em!

  The first seemed like an otherwise excellent and compassionate police chief. He listened to me and gave nervous old tongue-tied me some advice. I'd like to thank him, not by name, lest I should embarass the most excellent professional. He told me he found my writing style a bit confusing. He wasn't sure if I was writing in the past or future tense? So, I told him that it's all written in the past tense. If anything is written otherwise, it's only because its my writing style. I only made it to the 7th grade, cut me some slack (uhhh... my story IS that I've been stalked by public school employees, thier gang, and thier many otherwise good-intentioned but mistaken would-be vigilantes whom they've inspired to attack me).

  The second cop, eh, all he wanted was my address. He scares me. It figures HE'S the local one of the 2 officers.
  Here, on this website, I'd like to publicly thank both of those officers for thier valuable time.

  Frankly... I've been losing hope in the cops, as a whole (not any single cop, nor even a specific group of any sort, just cops in general) if they haven't got a clue about thing one listed here, if they haven't got the slightest inkling that the Child-Molestors of Bay City exist, that these madmen would, can, & did commit atrocities upon my person, then what hope do I have that they ever will?

  Its taking every bit of strength I've got to write this. I'm sure that they're not impressed. All I'll say about what just might be be my eventual demise aided by not just dirty cops, but good, wholesome honest missled cops is this.




                                                         (AS LONG AS YOU DON'T LOOK TOO HARD)...



  This site is dedicated to the men & women of law-enforcement in Bay City, Flint, Saginaw, & Boulder without whom none of this would be possible. Police, Sherrifs, the Bay City & Saginaw F.B.I., & most importantly all of their support personell such as secrataries & even their janitors.


  This website is a work in progress. As I get the emotional strength to do what is right & write about my life's experiences I'll write about them. Just wait... there's more stories about drugs murder & betrayal to come. Stories like "More Children Die Today..." where I killed 4 or more of my young torturing kidnappers remain unwritten. We haven't even got to the 1977 story where the guy society will call Serial Rapist began it by mocking me & saying. "You killed that kid".

  Stories to come include my life as a captive in the Dufunct Hospital where, during a failed escape attempt I sliced up the faces of a several children... slowly & killed one by snapping his neck while using the sentence. "You are no longer of use to me".

  Others like the one where Duh Jerk's boy told me. "Since you're dreaming why not take this knife & stab the kid upstairs with it"? A situation made possible by the dirty State... cops of Michigan.

  Read a few of my finished life's experiences that are already done in the to be continued sections that read like. "Then he came barreling down the road at us & I threw The Captain of the Football Team in front of the van(?)! I hadn’t timed it well & he landed on his knees & turned to face the oncoming vehicle. It hit him full force. BAMM! His broken young body flew &...".

  Yeah... I went to the... cops. I've heard things like... well... look it up in the quotes section under the above symbol named "Read More".


  WHAT MY GOALS ARE… why the website you may be wondering…

  I have chosen to tell you my story via website for several reasons. The first of which is a sense of duty & good citizenship. The 2nd is not for any romantic ideas you might have & definatly not for profit. I don’t want fame, or attention, nor am I seeking adoration or even friendship (anyone who’d want to be my friend because of this website isn’t a person I’d want to hang around with). No I’m not boasting (who’d want to be known for my life’s tale? Certainly not me). I have chosen this vehicle, a website to tell my story. I seek the truth. To reveal the truth. I have made no deal, I have made no plea whatsoever, it is solely the truth I’m after. In the bible they say that the truth shall set you free. We shall see…

  Know that my lifestyle kidnapping serial-killing organized crime stalkers brag that they “own” many parts of law-enforcement ranging from local cops, their secretaries, & even F.B.I. agents specifically tasked with ending the gang of kidnapping hobbyists for profit in their "Major Cities", particularly in & around Bay City, Detroit, Flint, Oak Park, & Saginaw Michigan. They brag (often) that as soon as a given law-enforcement agent even dares to type in one of the names of my stalkers or myself into a government computer that the very act will alert their dirty cops sitting at their tax-payer funded police computers. Then, they will suggest that they’ve been investigating the situation for quite some time & will formally request an information swap. As boasted whether cops accept or refuse is irrelevant because the Child-Molestors & their team of lifestyle professional kidnappers will swoop in & give the reader “an offer they can’t refuse”. Please note… I’m not saying that my stalkers have this power, they brag that they do. I always figured that they were a pack of big-mouthed lying jerks with mouths that were too big for their britches. You reader, you will bet your life on the subject, not me. I’m just a messenger of sorts. A victim forced to endure the boasts & rants of an entire community of perverse madmen for reasons of profit & revenge for an entire lifetime.

  Frankly… I’m getting tired of warning silly cops.

  My kidnapping child-molesting child-rapist stalkers brag that their gang provides them a life above the law. They boast that they are untouchable & always hungry to eat stupid cops. Don’t hate me, I’m only the messenger.

  What are my goals? I'm a Christian, not a very good example of one but I believe Christ died to atone for our sins & that if we turn from our sins & confess that Jesus died on the cross to pay an attonement for our sins with our mouths God will be faithfull & just & not charge us with sin on Judgement Day. My goal isn't to get your money or to get your freindship (I don't want to be friends with anyone who'd be friends with me because of "this") & I don't want fame or noteriety. All I'm asking for is for you, the reader, please pray for me in this time of trouble. That's all, pray for me, & pray for the children that the Child-Molestors brag they are afflicting at this very moment. Keep your money & pray for me, for us, for the children. All I want is for the truth to come out, let the chips fall where they may. I figure I'm most likely doomed no matter who you believe, them or me.

  I now ask you to read my very true life’s story…

 Be sure to read "HOW TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE & GET AWAY WITH IT"... Press the "More" button above & read about the life of a young girl who came to befriend a few of my Child-Molestor Captors...

  AN INTERVIEW WITH A MADMAN...Child-Molestor gang-banger tell all...

  "We're only bringing you pleasure".-A quote I've heard many times during the very act of rape. We were discussing the morality of using the date-rape drug & sedatives on victims.

  "I personally know that a certain percentage of people have alergic reactions to drugs & die from them, even if they weren't allergic to them before. Have you ever seen anyone overdose & die"?

  I've heard many Child-Molestors answer this question & their answer was always the same. "Yes". Most said it with shame. A few tried to justify themselves by saying. "We were only trying to bring them pleasure".

  "Where's their pleasure"?


  "Have you ever tried to make it up to the victim"?


  "What did you do to their family members who got too nosey about their deaths? Where's their pleasure"?

  "Hey, I didn't want to do any of that stuff. Once they [the Child-Molestors] own you you have to do what they tell you".

  "And that makes it right? You know, there is a God & one of these days you're going to face your victims on judgement day in the afterlife. What will you tell them"?

  "Hey, I go to church every sunday and my good outweighs my bad".

  "So you figure you can get to Heaven by having your good outweigh your bad? Can you show me that chapter in the bible?

  Of course they can't show it to me, it isn't in there. My bible says that Christ died for your sins & if you turn from your sins & confess it with your mouth God is faithfull & just & will forgive you of your sins. There is no other way to get into Heaven. That'll be discussed later on this website.



  No one pictured in any of the photographs in this website has anything to do with any of the events listed herein. The pictures are merely added either for effect or to lighten the mood & is meant in no way to reflect their attitudes nor beliefs whatsoever. I'd like to thank anyone & everyone who took pictures & or posed for them & made them available online. Thank You Sirs!

  PS: Hey! Some of you... cops post better quality pictures online! Your reps are on the line! GET A JOB! Sheesh!

CALL BOULDER... COPS 303-441-3300

  CONTACT THE F.B.I. & tell them you're tired of the Rape Gang Friendly ways of the Bay City & Saginaw Michigan F.B.I.!!!

  Bay City F.B.I.: (989) 892-6525 Call if you're fond of sodomy and being raped at odd hours, otherwise call their bosses at (calling them got me lots of sodomy):

  F.B.I. Headquarters:(202) 324-3000

WASH ME -------------->

"I can do anything I want to anyone as long as I film it".

"All I have to do is act so evil that no jury would ever believe someone could be so evil and no jury could ever convict me".

  "You are our worst enemy. You have no idea how many of our people that you've crippled or killed! You are a tremendous burden to the child-molester community & you don't even know it.".

  "You are our worst enemy. No one in the history of our group has hurt or killed so many of our people and lived to talk about it. That begs revenge".

  "You are our worst enemy. Take this. Whenever anyone even mentions your name to one of our people, even in passing they have orders to tell us. We give them a special phone number they can call and tell us that 'such and such mentioned David George'. And we mention your name to our members every once in a while to check if they're still reporting it to us. That's how we'll beat the cops if they try to launch a secret investigation on us about you".

  The same guy said these 3 things... at different self-justification whine sessions... Oops... I mean drugged interrogation sessions. A standard debriefing technique for all of the gang's victims of all ages. Or so they tell me.

  ADVICE... Yeah, whatever...

  Since the... cops think my website is so... Uhhh... I'm not sure what the official record (if any) is... I plan to give them permission, mentally, to suspect me of whatsoever they will. Eh, I'm contrary when confronted.

  Sooo... in the spirit of being contrary... and to enlighten... cops on the techniques of recreational child-killling, the subject of how to stalk someone for life, and destroy them, and how to get the... cops to help you do it, get the... cops to help you do it in America... get the... cops to help you do it in America and help you do it FOR FREE! Yeah, that subject. So in the spirit of being contrary... I plan to include, publicly, only the best and tried and true advice on how to stalk, rape, torture, and destroy children, foloowing some into adulthood, and how to get the... cops to help you do it... FOR FREE!

  Eh, the pay's not good for being contrary but it has it's benifits.



  SABOTAGED??? for a lifetime???

  "Go ahead, publish your story online. We'll sabotage it". With their network of computert experts, bribes, threats, and lies they say they can block anything. The author asks... If they weren't tampering with my website.... wouldn't I get at least a few replies? How long... how long can you write about killing children for recreational serial-killers in America and not have a... cop or two make a comment or two? It'll be goingon for 3 years soon. THREE YEARS!

  "The cops will laugh when you tell them we're computer experts but think about it. The internet and computers are the premier we sell child-porn. We're an organized crime gang run from a school. We can pick the best of the best up and coming computer experts and recruit them with our whores and drugs". Cable intercepts, $500 intercept gizmos (the... cops think that crooks using an easilly purchased $500 gizmo is a laughable subject at best, trust me oh ye recreational serial-killers seeking advice).

  You should see the horror story that is my mobile site. Fixing it IS an excercise in futility at best. It's soon all messed up again & again.

  Sabotage? I ain't accusing anyone of anything. I'll let the... cops sort it all out later.







































































  The Child-Molestors tell me that while they deal with me that they intend to go underground, act legit, and put thier gang-bangers & dirty cops on a leash (lest one become comprimised and turn states evidence & help me)!

  What this means that the organized crime gangs of Bay City, Detroit, Saginaw, Midland, Boulder, & Flint will be weak! Hey... you guys wouldn't take advantage of them when they were weak? Would you? Tell me... do you think they'd take advantage of you if you were weak?

  HOW TO SPOT A DIRTYHull...COP...It's all just a joke... very much based on the truth and not meant to imply anyone's corrupt, incometent, or just a pain-ole bad... cop. 

  How to spot a "dirty cop"? It's easier than you might think. The child-molester's I've met in life have discussed the Hull... subject with me at length. How? I'm glad you asked Hull...

  Spotting a dirty... cop? Hmmm... If it was so easy EVERYONE would be doing it Hull...

  A card-Carrying Child-Molestor once summed it up best to me. "You want to know how to spot a dirty cop? Did you ever notice when you go to the cops that there's allways one who will  never even address the possibility that you might be telling the truth. When you look at thier paperwork Hull... about your case it wont even acknowlege the possibility that someone Hull... was even mean to you. It's so that other cops wont even bring up the possibilty that someone's being mean to you".

  Here I shall address... cops. Skeptic, septic, dirty, clean, and those inbetween and reason with them using facts, that one could extrapolate to form an opionon (I know, I know, I just totally lost the Mid-Michigan... cops reading this. I'll suggest some remedial reading material at the end of this to keep your interest). Here goes...

  You... cops have never avenged me. I've been ripped off a zillion times & you've never recovered stolen property for me, I've been assaulted a bazzilion times, often in full view of the... cops and even in the poilce station and all it took was a few well-placed insults to get... cops in any community to look the other way. One can deduce from this that, according to you Hull... that I've had the most perfect life. No one's ever wronged me, ever, otherwise, by deduction, you... cops would've gone out and caught all the bad guys long ago Hull..., am I right? Indeed... I must've had the most perfect life in all of America's history... otherwise... cop records would show it... right?

  As touching any accusations I might be lying... the way boasting card-carrying Child-Molestors have bragged they dupe... cops, is to say I'm crazy and lying rather than to say I'm insane and actually believe what I'm saying. Basicly, that their Dirty... cops have to say I'm a crazy liar rather than insane and telling stories for whatever the reason is they think they can sell to their fellow therwise good but easilly maipulated... cops because any other response would beg the question. "If this guy (the author) really believes what he's saying as opposed to making it all up then maybe it's possible that someone's being mean to him"?

  Someone being mean to me in the murderous rapist-infested ruins of the declining Detroit/Saginaw/Flint Michigan area? The admitted on-going rape & murder capital from a given year to a given year (sometimes... other areas beat them out... and then lose the title to the area soon enough)?

  4 years... FOUR YEARS I'VE HAD THIS WEBSITE GOING...FOUR YEARS and not a single police interview... no one wants to chat... not a single... cop wants to "confab" at all? NOT ONE?!?!?!?!?!? If any... and I mean ANY... cop says they've inteviewed me since I left Bay City in 2010 then they've been duped... or are a lying stinking DIRTY COP!!!!!!

  FOUR YEARS? All this rape? All this killing? AND NOT ONE SINGLE... COP WANTS TO CHAT?!

  Say what you want...


  The date is August 2016 and do date not one single attempt has been made by law-enforcement to interview me.

Murder? Rape? Killings? Chldren's bodies stacking up like cordwood in a madman's backyard? Not a single... cop has tried

to interview me about this or anything on this webpage since I beganposting my story online 4 years ago.

  Despite what a Dirty... cop or two may or may not have written into the smudged up eraser-holed highly edited document

that is likely my "permanant record".



  Jeremiah 18:16 To make their land desolate, and a perpetual hissing; every one that passeth thereby shall be astonished, and wag his head.

  To the most excellent Minnesota Governor.

  Dear Sir.

  I've taken refuge in your awesome state to hide from a gang of recreational serial-killing child-pornographers. If it should come to pass, that I should draw legal attention (I am trying my best to do so) I ask that you not simply hand me over to the authorities of Michigan, Wisconsin, or wheresoever I may be charged because of the gang. I only ask that you arrange a fair investigation for me. Please don't just hand me over to the tender mercies of the gang's latest Dirty... cop or corrupt prosecutor. Insist on a fair investigation by more than a pair of overworked and underpaid officers who begin their investigation shaking their heads. All I ask is a fair investigation, a fair chance, and honest deal. I'm not asking for a free ride, just the benefit of the doubt.

  Don't just hand the gang a victory I've had to endure years of torture to avoid. Please?

  Thank you Sir.

  David A. George Less Than Nobody.

  THE "REAL TARGET": Who the gang are really really after... Really... or so the gang brag...

  They tell me, I was chosen for destruction by the gang before I was born. That I sell the "Real Rape Fantasy". A victim, chosen when young, from a loyal family, to rape over & over, with impunity. Selling the rape life without fear of legal reprisal.

  They brag the plan never fails, as long as they never give up on a victim. As long as they act weird and perverse while doing it to render a given victim's story insane, improbable at best. Because no rapist would ever act that way. In Copspeak. "Because no one would do that to someone". Ever.

  Me? they tell me I'm a special case. Seems I lived through "The Gym" and a few thousand people knew about it. Literally. Publicly. Openly. Thus, I'm destined for their revenge. Oops.

  They brag revenge on me was always a secondary goal. Just for profit and revenge. Little more than a teaching prop for a gang that is run from schools public and private. Okay. So it sucks to be me. Fair enough.

  The primary targets, as bragged to me. are the police, particularly vigilantes their films can inspire to attack me both physically and legally. This includes their staff and prosecutors and court staff.

  But mainly, the target is and was the Child-Molestor Bosses. The gang's films combined with nods & handshakes have allowed the Bay City Molesters to film the Leaders of the Child-Molestor Community plotting against... me. Their Officers, once children, now adults have all been filmed, categorized, and encouraged to make follow-ups on my person and were double-crossed by the Bay City/Detroit Molesters from day one of rapes and kidnappings upon me and the gang brag that I, me, yes I will enable them to take over the Child-Molestors of America (one at a time) and rule an empire with an army of formerly good vigilante... cops who their films of me allowed them to own.

  Hey... I'm talking to you Dirty... cops and Child Molesters of America. I got one thing to say to you.

  The Bay City Chapter brag you will kneel before them at annual meetings once they own you and want ALL of your money. You will call them Master.

  I say. Repent! God is watching and coming soon!

  I am formally requesting Anonymous help.

  CHILD-MOLESTER ALERT!!! November 14, 2017

  Yeah... I've spent several days in yet another (sigh...) gang SLEEP-DEPRIVATION ATTACK!!!

  In recent days it was just the same animal noises tape played over & over with an occasional soft firecracker lit nearby. Easy to ignore, so I obeyed the Bible. If they persecute you in one city, move to the next. So I left Armold MD & moved to Anapolis MD. With only a slight delay the attack began anew.

  Last night, the attack was taken to the next level. At least 2 men (I heard them talking, children too... of course) who were in poor physical shape pounded on the trees not 25 yards from my place with what I'd guess was a plank or log after I got home shortly after dark until after midnight. My Ritchie Hwy/Boulter's home is isolated from my neighbors who I'd bet heard very little if anything.

  When I moved to investigate the very nearby "poorly made animal noises" they stopped immediately leading me to believe they were produced by someone watching on a small camera as I don't think someone that close could've avoided my search. I checked the trees and found the bark on some to be bruised & battered due to repeated pounding by out of shape men. How do I figure that? They didn't seem to be able to pound for long before tiring. Whoever is in charge of stalking me is surely slacking. Martin Oak would surely have coked those guys up & they'd have pounded like mighty molesters into the night. Poor show slackers. Poor show indeed.

  This has strained me physically & mentally. I'm probably what I'll call in the early stages of sleep deprivation. You get tired, mental abilities only mildly impaired. I've come up with "a plan", we'll see.

  What does this mean?

  Since I was "lured" here by an easily provable bait & switch con I can only conclude the gang, which boasts interstate friends from state to state in the molestor community (who as a courtesy tell me they all cover for one another... for a fee) I figure they wanted me here or nearby for reasons unknown... but I can guess (and none of my guesses are good). A simple frame-job or is "The End" for me. If so the gang has promised me 100 times that anywhere from 1 to thousands (the thousands is more recent) will die horrible deaths to insure the Gang's revenge for the indignity of "The Gym".

  Simply put... lots & lots of people are probably about to die. Quite possibly horribly.

  I suspect that if I am unable to extricate myself or get the proper amount of R.E.M. Sleep (look it up... cops) I will grow increasingly irrational, unpredictable, & all the other good stuff that comes with sleep deprivation.

  Simply put... the gang would NOT do this to me if their ducks were not all in a row.

  To that end I suspect that the... cop(s?) on duty last night responsible for answering calls to my address was indeed crooked, in case I called the police. Failing that the gang tell me they would normally keep them busy during attacks by pinning them to a single spot by creating family disturbances, bar disturbances & such where cops are pinned to one spot but no one actually goes to jail. I'd bet on the crooked... cop being on call.

  Driven insane by madmen for reasons of profit & revenge. Not as glamorous as... cops try to tell me.

  Please help me!